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SPARKS 1 – Basics

Welcome to your SPARKS 1 - Basics

May 26, 2024

Full Name

How do we start to HOLD the SNAG Launcher?

In Golf Class, while you are in the Launch Station, where should you stand if you are not hitting your shot?

What are two types of Clubs we use in our Class?

During the Rolling Station and using the Putta Grip, where are your thumbs?

As you get ready to Roll, Chip or Launch, what Letter does your BODY form?

What are the 4 Types of Swings we have learned in SNAG 1 Class

When Rolling the Ball and using the Hoop Clock, what numbers should you move the Roller/Putta back and through?

As you get ready to Roll, Chip, Pitch, or Launch, What letter does your ARMS form?

Using the Launcher/Hitta or the USKIDS Golf Yard Club, what letter is created on the backswing for the PITCH SHOT?

What is ONE Life Skill we have learned during SNAG & MOVE Class?