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PTC’s Youth Golf Development Program for Ages 4 +

Teaching Golf Skills thru Game Play!

Our Games, Missions & Events will help your child discover how to play and enjoy this great game of Golf! Join Our Community Today.
  • “The Junior Golf 365 program run by Chris Knobloch in Peachtree City has been a wonderful experience for the past 5 years for my daughter who is now 13. Considering none of her family members play or even understand golf, the coaches have been beyond awesome with getting her to the point she is at now (ready to try out for the high school team) and encouraging her every way they can in improving her game. The coaches in PTC have been amazing with her as well as everyone else I have been around and they make it fun for all ages from the really young kids to the high schoolers.
    All the programs from the monthly lessons to the monthly tournaments to the summer camps make it highly enjoyable for all ages and especially for my teenager. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to get their kids into and enjoy the sport of golf with the best coaches they could ask for.” Jay M.

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