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Chris Knobloch - USKIDS GOLF TOP 50 Master Kids Teacher & 2017 Georgia PGA Youth Development Leader - on the lesson tee in Peachtree City, GA - Along with a great team of Junior Golf Specialists

“Your life is not about you, your life is about all the people around you. Your life is about all the people you can touch, all the people you can impact, all the people you can influence, all the people you love and all the people that love you. that’s how you source your life. Live your life like that and watch your life change.”…. This reflects my feeling everyday… CHECK OUT THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO  HERE

JuniorGolf 365 – PTC’s Youth Golf Development Program.

Junior Golf 365 is guided by and closely aligned with Golf’s Long-Term Player Development Plan for Boys & Girls ages 4 & Up. Building the Athlete First, Teaching Golf Skills & Creating a Love for the Game is the core of our program. A professional coaching influence combined with effective training, practice, and competition is paramount in this process.


Junior Golf 365 has 4 Stages of Development & Learning allowing our Boys & Girls to start their journey into this great game… Entry at any Stage is clubs necessary to start.  Within each Stage, we have created Steps… similar to school grades….Junior Golf 365 Steps have Subjects (Building Blocks) Our Juniors have Benchmarks to achieve within each Building Blocks to advance to the next Step & Stage.

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