Junior Golf 365… PTC’s Youth Golf Development Program.

Building the Athlete First, Teaching Golf Skills & Creating a Love for the Game with the STUDENT First Focus is the North Star of our program.

A professional coaching influence combined with effective training, practice, and competition is paramount in this process.

Our Professionals service our members and guests with Quality Instruction Programs. The Philosophy of our Academy is built upon the concept of a total game experience: full swing, short game, on course instruction, club fitting, fitness and junior golf development starting at the age of 4. Each program is designed to create an positive and lifelong experience – improving every facet of a student’s game – from beginning fundamentals to the highest level of competitive player, how to hold the club to biomechanics movement learned from the latest golf technology. We look forward to help every student enjoy the game of golf for a lifetime.

“Our kids have participated in the PGA Jr League over the last couple of years. This year, we even had the privilege of participating in the post-season All-Star team. We’ve been so impressed with how Chris has led the junior program. Along with being excellent golf instructors, Chris, Maeve, & Diane have focused on teaching great sportsmanship, etiquette, and teamwork. They are teaching kids to play golf “the right way”, and their focus on these things has made the Peachtree City junior program a real joy to be involved with.” Steve & Maura L.

“Dana and I recognize that our children are fortunate to be a part of such a positive golf program. In fact, the Junior Golf Program is the primary factor for our continued membership in the Clubs of Peachtree City. It is just that valuable to us, as well as to many other families in the area.” Dana & Allison F.

Meet the Team


One of America’s Junior Golf Leaders is coaching in Peachtree City. USKIDS Golf awarded Chris Knobloch their Top 50 Master Kids Teacher status in 2011. Chris brings his energy and enthusiasm to every lesson with a continual desire to see his students improve and with the mix of technology and hands on coaching has impacted thousands of golfers of all ages. Available Equipment and Certifications:

2017 Georgia PGA Youth Development Leader

Current Member of PGA Junior League Advisory Counsel

Colour Path Golf – US Ambassador & Distributor

Discover Golf Level 3 Crew
*27 Year PGA Member
*Flightscope X3 ( Certified Operator)
* BodiTrak Pressure Mat Certified Instructor
*Plane Truth – Level 1 Teacher
* Blast Motion Certified Coach & Distributor
* SNAG & SHORT Golf Certified Coach
* TPI Level 3 Junior Coach/ Level 1 Fitness Professional
* USKIDS Golf Certified Coach

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