HOMESCHOOL GOLF in Peachtree City

Teaching Golf Skills thru Game Play to ages 4 +.    A professional coaching influence combined with effective training, practice, and competition is imperative.. Junior Golf 365’s Building Blocks begin from the Fundamentals to Course Play and more… are  all part of the process. Daily Games & Missions help guide students to discover how to play & enjoy the Great Game of GOLF. HOMESCHOOL Juniors are INVITED/Recommended to Participate in our PTC Alpha Junior Tour (DATES & DETAILS click HERE). Getting on the golf course is essential part of improvement and steps in our programs.  PGA / PTC Junior League is also recommended starting at Age 8. ( Spring & Fall League… click HERE for more info )


 Private Lessons

While we believe that most golfers learn best in group and game-based settings, there may come a time in every player’s development where more personalized coaching is needed.  Call or Text Chris Knobloch @ 770-402-8749 to book an appointment time:  Cost  $ 50 per 1/2 Hour