PTC Junior Development Tour TeeTimes

Tee Times for April 14 @ Braelinn – PTC Junior Developmental Tour

Best Score Stars
4:00 Ayden Johnson 200 Yards 47 Bronze
James Corner 150 Yards
1st Time from 150
Peter Timm 150 Yards
1st Time from 150
4:10 Jaclyn Reid 200 Yards
1st Time from 200
Amani Mehta 100 Yards 50
4:20 Jonathan Minter 100 Yards 48 Bronze
Jake Poole 100 Yards 50
Liam Fox 100 Yards 46 Bronze
Julian Dente 100 Yards 51
4:30 Ryan Henderson 100 Yards 1st Time
Cason Rowland 100 Yards 45 Bronze
Bryce Richardson 150 Yards
Oliver Langham 100 Yards 42 Silver
4:40 Andrew Loutzenhiser 150 Yards 46 Bronze
Dylan Ludlam 100 Yards 40 Silver
Dev Khandelwal 100 Yards 47 Bronze
Xavier Lee 100 Yards 52
4:50 Tyler Patton 50 Yards 41 Silver
Brody Cameron 50 Yards 50
James Haberman 50 Yards 52
Preston O’Dell 50 Yards 1st Time Player
5:00 Jayden Bevillard 200 Yards 43 Silver
Aiden Zimmerman 200 Yards
1st Time from 200
John Markley 100 Yards 45 Bronze
David Lei 150 Yards
1st Time from 150


:  Individual Stroke Play with Each Student in the Junior Golf 365 program beginning their first event playing from 100 yards on each hole ( 9 Hole event) —  100 Yard graduates will play from the 150 yard marker at the next event and so on.   SEE Tournament Poster for Target Scores/ Star Achievements & Levels.The cost for each tournament is $35 per junior and includes – 9 holes of golf, 1 golf cart, a box lunch, Junior Golf 365 hat ( for 1st time attendees) , prizes and FUN!  Junior Golf 365 – PTC Development Tour

The LIME LEVEL  – Boys & Girls Under 9 and approved by the PTC Golf Academy Staff will play the green tees – which is from 50 yards – Target Scores are 36 to advance to WHITE STEP, 42 or better Silver Star, 48 or better Bronze Star

MAX Score is 6 – if a player is unable to score lower than a 6 pick up allow the other players to finish  – please circle the 6 on the scorecard if the player picks up and cannot finish the hole.

THE ball maybe teed up on the Par 3’s only – EXCEPT for Juniors Playing from 50 or 100 Yards may tee up on every hole – Play the ball as it lies and please keep up with the group in front of you…. Pace of Play is very important

ALL LEVELS –  Par 3’s will be played at 100 Yards – Yellow & Orange Levels too… except for the LIME LEVEL – Par 3’s are set at 50 yards too

TEES:  Green Cones – 50 yds   Red Cones – 100 yds – Blue Cones  – 150 yds  Yellow Cones  – 200 Yards

      ** AT the completion of play – players/scorers must turn in their score card at the scoring area ( clubhouse deck) and have 2 signatures


Parents – Thanks for having your son/daughter in our tournament & program.


The driving force behind our Junior Developmental Tour in PTC, besides having fun and giving our players the opportunity for increased competition, is to embrace the Junior Golf 365 philosophy and give each player incentives to apply it to their game:


  • Purposeful Practice
  • Practicing outside of class
  • Score lower to graduate to the next set of tees
  • Understanding how to score – golf is learned from the green back
  • Distance doesn’t matter
  • Course and game management


Using Junior.Golf Mobile App to PLAY 9 Holes –

Open App and click on Play 9 Holes

Select the Course Yardage

Select Par 4 on each hole for the PTC Junior Developmental Tour

After Entering the 9th Hole Score – Press the Finish Button –NOT the NEXT Button

See the Round Summary…Awesome Putting Info