Junior Golf 365 ALPHA Tour: Ages 6 - 16

Monthly Events which directly ties into our Award Winning Junior Golf 365 Program – Great Start to Tournament Golf.

PTC ALPHA Tour (formerly PTC Developmental Tour)

For a junior to advance in our Junior Golf 365 system, he or she has to play in our ALPHA Junior  Tour where they play 9 holes  on a Sunday afternoon with a parent or grandparent caddying. This gives them the opportunity to compete and learn on the course.

The Junior Golf 365 Playing Skills Building Block.

Shoot 48 or lower  –  A Bronze Star Pin to add onto junior’s hat

Shoot 42 or lower  – A Silver Star Pin to add to junior’s hat

Shoot 38 or lower – A GOLD Star Pin and Advance to the next PLAYING SKILL Step within Junior Golf 365  ( 36 in the NEXT LEVEL COACHING STAGE)

Based on where the Junior Golfer starts, the progression then follows to next yardage… and Target Score Lowers too!

This continues all the way to PINK STEP


SPARKS 4 & 5 yr old : Recommend for Parents to play with their Son or Daughter – 10 Yards; 15 Yards; 20 Yards – Par Pursuit… the Junior & Parent makes the PAR #….  ( SEPARATE PARENT CHILD EVENTS TBA )

FIRECRACKERS- 6 to 9  yr old

Level Colors/ Yardages  – PURPLE/25 Yards;  LIME/50 Yards; /WHITE/100 Yards

ROCKETS  10 to 13  yr old

Level Colors/Yardages –  YELLOW/150 YardsORANGE/200 Yards; RED/ 250 Yards


Level Colors/Yardages- BLUE/ White Tees; BLACK/Blue Tees;   PINK/ Back Tees

As your child advances through the Junior Golf 365  system, they advance in our programming and receive additional coaching time, skill development, and mentoring.

  • Junior Golf 365 ALPHA Junior Tour – $35 per junior who is currently in our Junior Golf 365 programs/ per event – Includes: Golf, Snack Box,  Prizes, 1 Golf Cart for Parent to Caddy [Additional carts will be available for Cart Fee]

2018 Schedule:

Feb 24 (Saturday ) – Braelinn –  RESULTS Click HERE

March 18 ( Sunday) – Braelinn –RESULTS Click HERE

April 14 ( Saturday ) Braelinn RESULTS Click HERE

Oct 6 ( Saturday) – Braelinn  – 3:00 Start

Nov. 10  ( Saturday) – Braelinn –  2:00 Start

Dec. 15 ( Saturday )- Braelinn – 2:00 Start




JUNIOR GOLF 365 CHALLENGE TOUR will begin in 2019 – The Next Step … Learning HOW to COMPETE!