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Notes from a past seminar… from a Top 3 Junior Development Golf Coach in the World

What Does a Coach Do?

  • A Coach transports people from where they are to where they want to go

What Do Golf Coaches Do?

  • Teach all of the essential skills in the sport of golf
  • Teach the fundamentals and the swing ++++++++
  • Establish a success strategy for each athlete
  • Provide honest feedback at all times
  • Communicate with athletes, parents, golf officials and college coaches
  • Encourage and support athletes as much as possible, both on and off the course

Golf’s Three Essential Skills

Ball-Control – The ability to control the direction, distance, and trajectory of a golf ball.

Decision-Making – Committing to a course of action that is intended to yield results.

Self-Management – The ability to manage thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Golf’s 3 Most Important Skill Sets

  1. Driving– Getting the ball into play off the tee is paramount. Mistakes need to be minimized. Distance is a big factor.
  2. Putting– 40% of all golfers’ shots are putts. Crucial skill set for performance. Increase conversions inside 8 feet; lessen 3 putts from 18-40 feet.
  3. “Wedging”– full wedge shots- 70-100 yds; chipping, pitching and greenside sand play. 

What Makes a Great Golfer?

  • Talent – Skill through practice and experience
  • Focus
  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Good Coaching
  • Demanding Competition

James Citrin  Author of “The Dynamic Path”

Expectant Behaviors of Athletes- Ground Rules

  • To do their best
  • Have a positive attitude- Be Coachable
  • To conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion with the highest moral and ethical standards at all times.
  • To communicate openly and honestly with the Coaching Staff
  • To respect and appreciate the efforts of parents, coaches, golf officials, and sponsors
  • To have a professional approach to training and competing
  • To be a role model for younger athletes
  • To smile, have fun, and enjoy the journey!

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