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Monday Night Shoot - Out

Monday Afternoons @ Planterra:  RESULTS:  Shoot – Out Results

Week 4 Results:
1st   Ryan Mowry

2nd  Tucker Swanson
3rd   Sam Swanson
4th   Cole Hayne
5th Tied  Cason Cook and Grant Summers

Over All Results for the Season

Champion Ryan Mowry

Runner Up Sam Swanson

Week 3 Results
1st Sam Swanson  points 48
2nd Ryan Mowry    points 47
3rd Cason Cook     points 39
4th Tucker Swanson points 38
Overall Standings: 
It is so close!  We could have a major shake up in the standings the final week
1st Tie Sam Swanson
1st Tie Ryan Mowry
3rd      Tucker Swanson
4th       Cason Cook
5th Tie Grant Summers
5th Tie Cole Hayne
7th       Avery Rogers
Final Shoot Out 12/18 at Planterra
From Planterra Ridge
Week Two Winner
Grant Summers
2nd Ryan Mowry
3rd Sam Swanson
4th Cason Cook
Week One Winner
Cole Hayne  with 40 Points
2nd  Tucker Swanson    37 Points
3rd   Sam Swanson  36 Points
4th   Cason Cook   31 points