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Make Every Putt - A complete system to be a better PUTTER

Who doesn’t want LOWER Scores?   I know I do… and one of the best ways to achieve your goal is to be a better PUTTER.


Our Make Every Putt System provides clear directions how to lower your putt count and have fun practicing your putting.

Lead by Chris Knobloch – Eyeline Golf’s 4 PE Certified Instructor & SAM Putt Lab Level 1 Coach has multiple classes:

FIRST STEP:  Download Putting Boot Camp from the APP Store or Android Market –

2nd STEP:  Putting Test:  To assess where we need to focus our attention to become a better putter… These Test Days will be announced shortly or held within your group classes.


 A NEW putting clinic that addresses the 4 elements of solid putting. Those elements are: Set Up, Path, Impact and Speed. The format is a one hour clinic which touches on all of these basic components.
This clinic is for beginning to mid-level students and brushes on principles which will help
you become a better putter in just one hour.There will be plenty of high fives and fist bumps. You won’t believe how fast this one hour clinic will breeze right by.  8 Student Max Per Class – $ 40 per student/ per class
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