Junior Tournaments & Events


PTC Junior Club Championship  – July 30th @ Braelinn – call the golf shop to sign up – 770-631-3100

BACK to SCHOOL BASH – Parent Child Tournament @ Braelinn – AUGUST 5th

PTC Junior Development Tour – NEXT Event August 13th

GEORGIA JUNIOR GOLF – Fall Event at Braelinn

USKIDS GOLF Atlanta TOUR – Fall Event at Planterra

USSSA Golf – GEORGIA     Director JD –  770-846-4498

• Players can join USSSA Golf anytime during the year and be immediately eligible to participate in upcoming USSSA tournaments. New memberships for the upcoming year are accepted beginning on August 1st each year, when the next year’s upcoming schedule is published on the website.

• There is one basic membership: FREE. Effective August 1, 2012, all USSSA Golf Memberships will be FREE. USSSA Golf Standard Tour members will go online and register at no charge. Entry fees for each tournament will vary from location to location, and can be paid on line, via credit card.

• Any boy or girl, 9-18 years old who has not yet begun college is eligible to play on the USSSA Golf Junior Tour. Graduating high school seniors are encouraged to compete throughout the summer after their senior year in high school. All tournament participants must be USSSA members.

• New memberships and renewals for USSSA Golf Tour memberships can be initiated beginning in August each year for the following calendar year. USSSA members are eligible to play throughout the next golf calendar year (August thru July).

• Points will be awarded to players based on their finishes in each tournament within their respective age groups. All players will receive 400 points for completing a USSSA Event, regardless of their finish. Points assigned to order of finish are as follows: First, 1000 points. Second, 900 points. Third, 800 points, Fourth, 700 points. Fifth, 600 points. Sixth, 500 points. Seventh, 400 points. Eighth, 300 points. Ninth, 200 points. Tenth, 100 points. Each participant will receive an additional 400 points for successfully completing an event. State and National Tournaments will award accelerated points.