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Develop the Athlete First… Teach Golf Specific Skills & Create a Love for the Game

                      FMS – Fundamental Movement Skills  &   FSS – Fundamental Sports Skills

HOMESCHOOL Juniors are INVITED/Recommended to Participate in our PTC Alpha Junior Tour (DATES & DETAILS click HERE). Getting on the golf course is essential part of improvement and steps in our programs.  PGA / PTC Junior League is also recommended starting at Age 8. ( Spring & Fall League… click HERE for more info )

 2019 Schedule – FALL Classes will be on Fridays @ 11 AM starting in September

 Private Lessons

While we believe that most golfers learn best in group and game-based settings, there may come a time in every player’s development where more personalized coaching is needed.  Call or Text Chris Knobloch @ 770-402-8749 to book an appointment time:  Cost  $ 50 per 1/2 Hour