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CLUB Fitting - Adults


The golf club is a technical tool that should suit the characteristics of the player and the players are all different both in body shape that for technical and athletic abilities. For this reason a standard set commonly found in racks of a shop can hardly accommodate the numerous needs of the individual player.

If you consider that a “lie angle” wrong one degree and a half can move the trajectory of the ball as much as 6 meters, it is really easy to understand the importance of a custom fitting! Not to mention the type of shaft or the diameter of the grip in golf … details that really make the difference,

During club fitting session Chris Knobloch, Diane Whitman or Michael Pater will invite golfers to perform tests and measurements of your physical structure and your swing technique with the use of the Flighscope 3D Radar monitor and you’ll understand precisely which specifications will have your ideal set for help to express the best of your game in the field.

Make a fitting appointment  does not necessarily mean “buy” equipment of those companies or replace its mandatory. Make a fitting appointment means to be guided by the experience of a club fitter while leveraging the infinite combinations of shaft, length, lie and loft provided by MIZUNO & their Shaft Optimizer fitting system in order to identify with great accuracy all the ideal specifications of your ideal bag.

Having equipment with the physical characteristics fit to the student greatly decrease the game’s difficulty and facilitate a player’s improvement, and almost always aggravated by unsuitable tools. Regardless of the brand of sticks you want to play, the fit test will guide the club to the best choice of:

  • type and diameter of the grip;
  • length and angle irons;
  • type of head, shaft and loft irons;
  • type of head, shaft and loft of the driver;
  • ideal composition of the bag;
  • type of head, shaft and loft fairway woods;
  • type of head, shaft and loft of utility clubs;
  • loft and bounce of wedges;
  • type, length and perfect balance of the putter;
  • type of perfect ball.

All this, regardless of the brand of the equipment you’ll want to buy.

Call today 770-631-3100 and make a club fitting appointment an you can finally dispel any doubt and know your investment in equipment can help concretely to play better and have more fun on the golf course.


  • Fitting complete with all the bag (60 minutes): $75
  • Fitting only driver (30 minutes): $ 40
  • Fitting only irons: (30 minutes): $ 40
  • Putter fitting only (30 minutes): $ 40
  • Ball fitting (30 minutes): $ 40
  • Quick fitting & advice for beginners (30 minutes): $40